Mosaico à segunda

os mosaicos desta semana mostram a minha participação na troca do mês de julho do grupo coloriffic swap-o-rama, do qual sou participante assídua. O tema deste mês desviou-se um pouco do habitual pois em vez de seguirmos um conjunto de cores, tivémos que seguir um padrão – tudo às bolinhas nas cores que quisessemos. Foi interessante.

Enviei para o Brasil – para a DafiBa.


Recebi da Cecily Stewart, dos Estados Unidos uma caixinha cheia de surpresas :)



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    Não conhecia o teu blog mas fiquei encantada!!
    Adoro esta ideia do “mosaico à segunda”… estive a ver todos os que já fizeste e reparei que ainda não tens nenhuns de trabalhos feitos em papel, que tal abordares este tema?

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    that we should fogrive and forget’. Even if this were actually possible, we are certainly not required to even attempt anything like it if they are unrepentent and likely to offend again on the same serious way. We are entitled to say within ourselves something like: whilst I have handed calling you to account over to God, and whilst I pray that you will see the light, understand what you have done and repent, and apologise so that we can safely be reconciled, I now know you and what you are like, and I choose to guard my heart and the hearts of those under my protection, and (for the time being anyway) to love you in absence.By doing this, as well as protecting ourselves (we are not called to continually cast our pearls in front of swine’) and giving ourselves time and space for our own healing, we give those who have done us wrong the chance to experience that we no longer seek their company, but at the same do not carry any resentment towards them. If it is God’s will that we should be reconciled to them and resume an active friendship, then this course of action can have a powerfully positive challenging effect. If it does not, then it is better that we let them go and enable God to give us something/someone else instead.We hope you find this reply of help.God bless and guide you.

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